Historical substructure

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

We rarely read the sources in order to comprehend an issue, and yet it's the only way to observe the invisible.
Lenin's collected works provide answers for many historical and ideological questions. The simple reading after the collection explains the context, and the study, highlights the action field. Each note provides such information in order for us to resist misinformation.

On page 57 of Volume 44, we find: "We were giving her (to Germany) Ukraine, from where as long as you wanted to, you could obtain bread, and iron. Of course, if you knew how to get it, or if you had the physical power to do so. ".

The scene was predetermined. Τhe game had to be set up as well. For this purpose there was a need for a mechanism. Lenin analyzes it on page 68 of Volume 40.

"The bread reserves in Ukraine are enormous. To grab them all at once it's an impossible task. We've sent our best Soviet forces in Ukraine, and we've already received the following unanimous message: The bread stocks are great, but we can't remove them all at once, there is no such mechanism. ".

The information existed. The need existed. The creation of the mechanism was the only thing missing.

"We of our party's Central Committee, have discussed the situation and we gave instructions. Initially we will do everything possible to build up a mechanism in Ukraine and to get the work.started ".

The political decision follows a political will, which is updated with regards to geopolitics. The mechanism couldn't be internal, as there were insufficient infrastructures there. A drastic change of the local data had to occur. There was only one way: the use of military force. On page 67 of Volume 44, Lenin writes:

"An army of half a million should be settled in Ukraine, in order to help strengthen the production of consumables, because it will be directly of interest to them, especially when they will realize and feel the injustice of the greed of the rich peasants in Ukraine.".

The political need requires an ideological victim.The reality is quite simple. The Soviet Union is not as yet strong but it must become so. There is a way. In order for it to be implemented there must be sacrifices. Who will suffer them? Noboby! Noboby within the context. So someone out of context should be found. Justice is not the issue. Reality is not the problem. The solution is class-ridden. This is consistent with the 12/02/1919 resolution re: the Soviet power within Ukraine.

"We need to in actual fact expose before the Ukrainian farmers the anti-revolutionary demagogy which imposes upon them that the aim of the Soviet Union is the mere retrieval of bread and other foodstuffs from Ukraine to Russia.".

Everyone is aware of the data. Everyone is aware of the requirements of strategy.

"On account of the particularly difficult situation with food centrally, i estimate that the three quarters of the unused food stocks, should be brought right here, and the remaining quarter to be left back to the cities and the workers of Ukraine.".

With these statements found on page 80 of Volume 44, we can perceive that Lenin wants a redistribution of food in its total context back at the Soviet Union, a factor however which is very dangerous when you face chain supply problems, as the whip effect always exists potentially. The historical substructure was well prepared but not so the people.

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