N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Angeliki Papadopoulou

Thea: The whole world in one fist.
Achilles: The whole life in one moment.
Thea: Did you choose?
Achilles: I did!
Thea: Then you know...
Achilles: Now I know...
Thea: You' re burning like the sun...
Achilles:You' re crying like the sea...
Thea: I'm not crying, I'm seeing!
Achilles: You're seeing that I'm not crying.
Thea: Like the lament...
Achilles: I chose my destiny.
Thea: Then you lost something...The choice is wound.
Achilles: Only this way I can live. The life is wound too.
Thea: Yours!
Achilles: I don't have another.
Thea: The greeks need you...
Achilles: I will be always by their side!
Thea: But dead...
Achilles: Even dead!
Thea: Only dead!
Achilles: This is the reason of my existence.
Thea: But me...
Achilles: But you?
Thea: I wanted you...

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