The problem of the European borders

N. Lygeros

Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The general geopolitical problem of the borders is perhaps the most important matter of a geographical entity, and the European Union is no exception. The border management is additionally savere where there are no internal borders, as in this specific case. The recent accession of the 10 countries both historically and geopolitically formed the eastern front of the European Union, but also increased the stability of it's structure, while the text of the European Commission explains in its own way the risks for the future in terms of Turkey's candidacy.
Although Turkey will not enter the Schengen zone immediately and border control will remain at the Bulgarian - Greek borders, nevertheless the external borders will have frightening dimensions. with Georgia 276 km, with Armenia 328 km , with Azerbaijan 18 km,with Iraq 384 km, with Iran 560 km and 911 km with Syria. These numbers are themselves indicative.But we must also add the sea borders: 1762 km to the Euxinus Pontus (Black Sea) and 4768 km with the Mediterranean.
Furthermore, eastern and south-eastern borders are in mountain areas.
But the most important problem is not not that of a geographical type. All of these areas are known worldwide because of their war tacktics. These countries not only have problems between them, but they produce problems at an international level. And it is very difficult for someone to predict the evolution of these countries in comparison to current data. None of these countries can be regarded as a stable pole and Turkeys position itself is unstable. And no one within the European Union sees how Turkey could ensure border control not only for it's own borders, but furthermore for the European generally .
Even if we were to assume that these problems are under control, what can we say about the Kurdish problem that slams Turkey internally?
Because as we know, the Kurds are a separate entity that justly claim freedom from the military regime of the deep state. In addition, in this region of the world, drugs are traditionally an important element of the local economy which is connected with the problem of illegal immigration.
The European Union can present all these problems in a neutral mode, but that does not mean they don't exist.
Contrarily, for those who know the European expression, these problems not only inconvenience but also cause apprehension to the European Union.

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