10184 - Dialogue with immortality

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Angeliki Papadopoulou

– Marin Mersenne, Master, he was a monk too.
– Right, send it to the team.
– It is done.
– Since you noticed it, search for Lehmer.
– Each name of Master, in the script, one new chapter in knowledge.
– Right!
– Look for Ramanujan.
– Now.
– This way you will find out what numbers we study.
– LR numbers.
– Exactly.
– Typographic wordplay…
– A lot of mathematics today.
– One day Master you will sit, I will only make quenstions and you will see if I understood anything.
– Once you feel ready.
– After the “topostrategic Dodecanese,” I did not know why you chose that title, I had asked for “mathematic philosophy”, influenced then by Henry Poincare.
– Truly, he is important.
– “That nothing is everything for us”
– Wonderful proposal because of its truth.
– This is what we will do and it will be wonderful.