10316 - The Greek-Armenian relations

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

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Greek-Armenian relations should not be based on a theoretical basis only and have a merely symbolic character. Greek-Armenian relations exist for centuries now. We have been together both in life and death. We both know what the word genocide means; and this was taught to us by the same perpetrator. We have experienced our own people’s death by barbarity and we now each one of us has a country where we live free; this, however, does not mean that we are not besieged. Consequently, one cannot remain neutral while the other one is suffering. Spartans served as an example to the fighters of Artsakh and they in turn showed us the substance of resistance. Even our churches with their wounds stand by us against barbarity. Thus, our relations cannot be passive only and we cannot just attend each others’ genocide commemoration day. In fact, together we have to support the recognition of the genocide of Assyrians. For, only united we will manage to crack down on indifference, oblivion and genocide of memory. Our relations should cover the fields of science, culture, language, religion. For, we both know how valuable diasporas are to our nations’ evolution. For centuries now we have been helping each other to create civilizations affecting Humanity and displaying resistance and sacrifice. However, we have to be practical as well, because we are under pressure. The Azeri and Turkish states are governed by the same mentality and they do not recognize crimes against Humanity. Neither of our two nations was born to be victim. So, this is not our fate. We are the ones that they did not manage to genocide and we have to produce our work with determination, actively and efficiently. Without forgetting that we have no other choice, we also have to use our intelligence in every way possible aiming not only at being here, but also at letting our history to our future; otherwise there would have been no point in our surviving. Economic pressures which we are under will change, because we will become an energy hub and a geopolitical player, but this has to take place to the benefit of our people and our country. The Greek-Armenian relations should be exemplary to other peoples too, those who resist the powerful, the system and barbarity. It is to us that this duty belongs.