10325 - Imaginary conversation

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

– You haven’t ceased writing.
– It’s true.
– On an unbelievable number of subjects.
– I don’t write on subjects; but, on humans.
– We could also assert on free men.
– This is the paradox.
– But also the misunderstanding.
– This seems inevitable.
– What’s the reason?
– It’s in the nature of the absurd.
– And doesn’t this disturb you?
– The knowledge of this absurd leads to the liberty of thinking.
– But, isn’t there a high price for this liberty?
– Choosing means deprive oneself from something. And this represents a price.
– And is this price bearable?
– For the free men, this is the case.
– And for the others?
– This represents a social interdiction.
– An interdiction you say?
– Absolutely. It’s, after all, in this way that it imposes its supremacy on every individual in the present.
– In the present?
– It can’t do it in the past or future.
– What’s the reason?
– For, there time intervenes.
– Which means?
– Time is the space of resistance.
– So, there society falls on its face.
– I couldn’t have described it better.
– Thus, your writing is aiming at belonging to time.
– This is my only concern.
– But, why?
– For, time and Humanity are our pillars as human beings.