1059 - The angel that had no wings

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Angeliki Papadopoulou

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He looked like human. But he wasn’t. He looked like the others, but noone was like him. He didn’t know what life means so he wasn’t living. He was slowly dying.

In the electric train he was staring at the passengers with a strange way. He was searching for humans.
It was like reading a big book searching for rare words. Each stop was a chapter. Words were going. Words were coming. In the end always the same.

That day in Monasteraki stop a new chapter opened. In the beginning he did not notice it. A lot of individuals were needed in order to realize it. He was sitting, his head did touch the window.
He was inside but he was looking to the outside. This is what he thought. But when he faced his own reflection of gaze he understood his mistake.

He watched him dying inside the crowd and wanted to tell him that he was not alone and that this was the life. But he felt sorry for him and he just looked at him. He was neither old nor young. He was tiny and big. A small body with a great soul. And was nothing but one soul. He felt unconfortable and he smiled inside of the glass.

It was the first smile. He saw a thousand lips but noone was smiling at him.
That was the first, maybe the last. He wanted to talked to him be he didn’t dare. He didn’t know what to tell him.

He heard his soul’s solitude and answered with his silence. In Omonia, the next seat remained empty.

He watched him next to that small empty bed and remembered the unknown soldier. He could not think of something else. In the end he decided to fill the emptiness of the seat with his empty life.

When he sat next to him, his shoulder touched his own and hurted him. His wounds hadn’t healed yet but he did say nothing or he said never mind as an answer to sorry.

He, unwittingly hit his shoulder. Really he did not want it but he wanted so much to sit next that he did not consider his move.
Painless life.

– Where do you live?
– I used to live in Paradise…
– And now you moved in center?
– It was far away…
– Here everything is near.
– Yes, everything.
– But I am feeling lonely.
– Now we will go together.
He raised his hand. It was his first time that he had hugged a human. His wings did not hold him back anymore.