12056 - Genocide as crucifixion of a people

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

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If each one of us could conceive that genocide is a crucifixion of a people, then one would know that one could not bear any contestation, let alone denial. Whereas when it is presented merely as a legal claim, recognizing genocide leaves most people indifferent, because they do not possess proper tools to comprehend penalization of denial as well. Most do not know the truth and simply see a form of censorship in that. And in both cases they have never thought of the Christ’s teaching who albeit a Just faced justice of the society which convicted him. Of course, now, they say that they believe without looking at the consequences of this choice. Is it therefore possible to allow somebody to question the crucifixion? Is it possible to consider it as censorship when somebody says that we should not swear at Him? We do not belong to areas where faith is imposed in a coercive way. We simply want respect for the innocent Just. When we all realize that we do not want anything else with the recognition of genocide and penalization of denial of genocide, then our struggle will become more efficient than it is now. For, even fighters for recognition of genocide do not really realize the value of their struggle. This is the reason why most look at their genocide only and only this one, and they are taken by surprise, of course, when they deal with the humans who are not survivors’ descendants, because they do not understand the objective. It is as if they say that you have to exclusively speak in Aramaic to comprehend the sacrifice of the Christ and that if you do not acquire this language you cannot sympathize with and believe. The matter is therefore simpler than it seems without being simplistic. The issue of genocide is neither a confrontation nor revenge. It is a humane claim which has a meaning when you believe in Humanity, since a case of genocide is a crime against Humanity in the sake of which the Christ sacrificed himself. If we comprehend this, we will invent our role as well, since what we only want to do is to continue the work of the Christ through his teachings.