12057 - Why didn’t you say it before?

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

– Why didn’t you say it before?
– silence wanted it’s space .
– Silence? How is it related to the teaching.
– This was the one that followed the crucifixion.
– I hadn’t thought about it.
– Now you did.
– But it doesn’t change anything.
– It depends on you.
– But I thought that i had understood you.
– The mountains are small from far away.
– That’s why you grow as i get nearer
– An old man can only grow older.
– And a father?
– To learn with him.
– At the monastery.
– Here is the spiritual world.
– And the world?
– It’s cosmic.
– And the substance?
– Everywhere for him who sees.
– And for those who are just looking?
– Invisible.
– They don’t see the crucifixion.
– They just want the resurrection.
– And what do you want?
– What i do.
– Meaning?
– The continuation of the task.
– The task?
– The teaching, if it’s more understandable.
– Yes, Master, it is.
– And now are you ready?
– I’m on an alert.
– For the need.
– For our faith.
– Then let’s light the candles.
– Yes, of course.
– So we can see our icons.