12719 - Zeolite on an individual level

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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If we realize what the zeolite can offer us on an individual level ,we would proceed dynamically in its mining in Greece . Since it is difficult to see what we can offer others in this phase of crisis , it would be good to get started by getting involved on an individual level . The zeolite is useful for our fields, our crops , our animals and ourselves , as it filters, withholding heavy metals , toxins and free radicals . Practically, that means that if we use 150kg of zeolite per acre of vine field (this is better to be done at the end of September ,or early October) and this action is repeated for another two years , then we no longer have to deal with that matter for the next ten years. The result will be a saving of water , fertilizer saving , a more efficient crop production with an increase of 48 % to 66 %. If in addition to that we take in to account that we will have a product of a better quality and taste , we will understand the importantance of zeolite application . And if you use organic fertilizer , such as chicken compost, we should know that zeolite also affects the odour systems . Consequently , with a biological cultivation we can obtain good results with an incomparable quality that will remind the elderly of past tastes and aroma. Because the zeolite retains all its organoleptic properties . If this procedure is adopted by everyone of us in our flower pots,or our vegie gardens , then we will help our self firstly and our homeland indirectly . Because practically our field and our water will obtain a constant quality and you will not need to enrich intensively with nitrate products . As we understand ,while everyone is dealing with themselves , they are actually helping each other to create a better country . It is also important to go better on the primary sector ,as that is our foundations and we can not affort to lose it at the exclusive benefit of unproductive organizations. Moreover , we live on this piece of earth that we will leave to our children and the next generations , we have therefore no benefit to destroy it with various substances that cause irreversible processed damage . With zeolite we can improve the level of our lives and the economy and ecology of our country . Zeolite use could form an applied biosystemic culture wich could preserve and upbring nature In other words , man should not expect everything from nature but can help by acting correctly on a practical level . Ecological theories are fine , but even more important are applied practices ,as they are changing the data and come in direct contact with organizations and our land.