13132 - When zeolite was cast

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Angeliki Papadopoulou

When zeolite was cast
to protect
our lovely olives
nobody believed
how beautiful the view was
because you feel that you hold
a piece of life
and when you throw the stone
this way
you realize how
love is tender
when protects everything,
as everything can be done
if you believe in humanity
and when you’ ll understand
that the substance you threw
is the one that will give you
the timeless wrist
that characterizes our land
our homeland and hellenism
then you’ ll see too
that beauty can indeed
save the world
so leave complaints
demand to rejoice
because life is a gift
and then you’ ll worship
our sea
and pray
at the sun of justice
because Christianity
will fill
all your heart.