13293 - The zeolite phase change

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Currently, without most realizing, we are going through a transition phase regarding the zeolite issue. Slowly, official bodies are begining to make references to this strategic mineral resource, even re the field of certification. There are no longer only informed in the Decentralised Districts and the ministry, and especially the competent State Ministry. The issue has evolved and now reaches out to the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace and even the Maximou Residents itself.
All these official bodies have now at their disposal, all the properties of the zeolite through scientific and technical studies but even data of the greek resources in Thrace. And now they have all realized the economic value of this effort, but at the same time its respect for the people and the environment. With these new data a phase change is created, because as from now, it is the governmental Greece which will take on responsibility for the initiation of procedures for the extraction of Greek zeolite.
Nobody thereon, at all these institutions and levels, can say that he is not informed and he is not responsible. Consequently it is only a matter of time for the whole process to get started . This off course does not mean that the struggle regarding the zeolite will not continue. Instead, it will become even more intense, so that, all those who want to know and need to deal with the Greek zeolite, know how they can utilize it, in order to maximize the benefits for our country.