13527 - Abstract schemas

N. Lygeros, E. Charitidou
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

Disciple: I can almost hear them.
Master: I’m glad.
Disciple: Chakras’ theory?
Master: This as well.
Disciple: And seven bodies.
Master: Yes.
Disciple: I enjoy.
Master: I meta-enjoy.
Disciple: Master, we will write a new dictionary, if we go on like this, the new encyclopedia too.
Master: Poly-cyclopedia.
Disciple: We build the future by composing the knowledge of the past.
Master: Exactly.
Disciple: And later when we come back we will continue again from where we had left.
Master: For the evolution of the others.
Disciple: Because if the others didn’t exist, we would be unborn.
Master: This is the chain of the links with no bonds.
Disciple: Is it due to conservation of energy?
Master: Due to the sacrifice of the light against fire.
Disciple: And candles bear fragments of light for continuing the sacrifice.
Master: It’s not about sacrifice any longer, but the gift of life.
Disciple: I have to go.
Master: You will come back.
Disciple: I am sorry.
Master: There is no problem, just continuation.