13545 - Disciples in the garden

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Angeliki Papadopoulou

Disciple: Why did you bring us here?
Master: In the beginning death.
Disciple: For understanding life?
Master: In the beginning value.
Disciple: For understanding dignity?
Master: For human dignity.
Disciple: They died free.
Master: They lived besieged.
Disciple: Was that obligatory?
Master: Only when you pay your debt.
Disciple: To whom did they owe?
Master: To Humanity.
Disciple: But why?
Master: Because they were Hellenes.
Disciple: And what does that mean?
Master: It’s of Hellenism.
Disciple: I know, but what is the relation?
Master: It is a gift of the Time.
Disciple: Namely?
Master: This gift does not want to be wrapped.
Disciple: It gives what it is.
Master: And does not want bondages.
Disciple: While they were besieged, they were bound.
Master: They had to be liberated.
Disciple: To set the example.
Master: No, the counterexample.
Disciple: Counterexample?
Master: For the ottoman theory!
Disciple: A handful of humans.
Master: A human- handful.
Disciple: And it opened a gate.
Master: And, indeed, a high one.
Disciple: To save themselves.
Master: No, so that the great Exodus would take place.