13613 - We know of genocide; we know of earthquakes as well

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

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Greek-Armenian friendship is not a utopia, because it is based on history facts having scarred both peoples. The genocide issue is one of the most dominating and has in fact been committed by the same perpetrator. However, there is also the earthquake which has generated genuine solidarity. When 25 years ago an earthquake stroke Armenia and the Armenian people, the Greek one came immediately to their assistance and in fact by due actions. They were not pressured by anyone and they did what they did spontaneously, because this friendship exists and it was transformed into compassion over that period. There is also a demonstration in practice of this in central Athens, since Armenia made a symbolic gift to Greece; a Khachkar, a stone cross, always unique constituting the point of reference for Armenian graves. If we combine these facts along with the recognition by the Greek Parliament of the genocide of Armenians in 1996, we are able to understand that the common background goes even deeper. And this, in other words, means that we are of those peoples that neither genocides nor earthquakes did they manage to eradicate us. Namely, neither an artificial nor a natural catastrophe did they succeed in annihilating us. This point is not merely symbolic, because we are small-numbered peoples with long history. And we have learnt how to resist the most adverse conditions, because we know how to survive. However, we have to learn how to operate in an even more allied context, because we have common points in our future, too. A theoretical bond does not suffice where there is a need. And this need exists for both peoples representing two civilizations which have offered to Humanity. And this fact is actually the reason why they have received attacks by barbarity. Greek-Armenian friendship must become an action, one changing the reality and creating new given. Two peoples carrying such history have become legendary for many others, because it is with their endurance that they constitute the example to follow, as well. For, they are not only countries, but also those who have continued the Hellenism and Armenism without borders.