13901 - Can we write?

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

– Can we write?
– Even more?
– It can be done, can’t it?
– It can.
– Then what’s the problem?
– There’s no problem.
– So, we can.
– The issue is if they can.
– The others?
– The alter-humans.
– Do they have to learn more?
– It’s indispensable.
– So, we write according to their level.
– Not exactly.
– Namely.
– It’s a multi-scriptum.
– And what does this mean?
– The levels are multiple.
– As there are multiple meanings.
– Just, here it’s not linguistic.
– But mental.
– Thus, each one reads according to one’s level.
– So, there’s no exclusion.
– Never.
– And does this happen?
– Always.
– Why the others don’t see it?
– Because they have to see two levels at least at multi-scriptum to comprehend that there may be a third one.
– This reminded me of the hands painting one another.
– Whereas there was a third one painting them.
– Master, I’ve just conceived that the same goes for the play ‘Alter Ego’.
– It’s a good step.
– But then the comic element is simply a pretext.
– No.
– The trick?
– No.
– The stratagem then.
– Exactly.
– To say something else.
– Which no one could stand.
– If one didn’t consider that one is in a comedy.
– It’s a new limit condition.
– Which one has to understand to see the continuation.
– Aristophanes has said so.
– You are right.
– Voltaire has written it.