14488 - Our entente

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

Humanity: Where are you?
Time: Here.
Humanity: Here?
Time: With you.
Humanity: As always.
Time: As long as you endure.
Humanity: I endure.
Time: Be careful of societies.
Humanity: I know of their crimes.
Time: They are wounds.
Humanity: I will overcome them.
Time: I will be here.
Humanity: And I with you.
Time: Think in a polycyclic manner.
Humanity: Why?
Time: So that continuation may exist.
Humanity: What are you afraid of?
Time: Nothing. Only for you.
Humanity: I feel it. With the light?
Time: Light wants sacrifices.
Humanity: Servants will raise it.
Time: Yes, it’s their role.
Humanity: Without hatred.
Time: With meta-joy.
Humanity: So that vacuity erase vacuum.
Time: And bonds become links.