15059 - Hard times

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

Достое́вский: I am glad you thought of the little reminding the great one.
Saint-Exupéry: The inspiration was great.
Достое́вский: Only the need is great.
Saint-Exupéry: You are right.
Достое́вский: You touched more people.
Saint-Exupéry: You, too, deeper.
Достое́вский: They are deposits of humanness.
Saint-Exupéry: That we should take advantage of.
Достое́вский: To wonder how much work we do need.
Saint-Exupéry: To become humans.
Достое́вский: Co-humans…
Saint-Exupéry: And so that the princes should not be any longer…
Достое́вский: Monsters to the others.
Saint-Exupéry: Because they have no kingdom.
Достое́вский: Because they are on the streets.
Saint-Exupéry: To meet humans.
Достое́вский: Who are afraid of the light.
Saint-Exupéry: Even over nights.
Достое́вский: Whereas if they counted the stars.
Saint-Exupéry: They could see the truth.