15614 - Zeolite and the Region

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The emergence of Greek zeolite is no longer a vision but a reality for the regions of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.
The Greek zeolite has in fact entered the program of the Region since they now know the benefits of the zeolite.
Many areas now hold practical results in the field of agriculture since there has been application and spray of zeolite and they can now see the quality of the products. Garlic of New Vissa which constitutes of 70% of the national production, has gone into the phase of collection.
So we can all see the difference in organoleptic characteristics.
The garlic we’ve tasted had nothing in common with the conventional one. It is bigger, without fungi, with a beautiful white base, a genuine aroma and an uncompatible flavour .
We expect similar results with the asparagus.
Meanwhile the region is activated more dynamically and in coordination with the Municipality of Alexandroupolis which has requested authorization for research in the area of Kirki, which we’ve visited to give the first practical data for zeolite.
The combination of these movements and the aim to combat olive fruit fly to protect olive groves, should give an example to other areas also in respect to the applications of zeolite because it’s our future.