15790 - The deadly banning

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athina Kehagias

The barbarities began on Sunday of Aghios Thomas .
One by one the heads of our own fell.
And Adrianopolis was soaked in blood.
Each house had its own deadly wound.
The uprising was not adequate for a revolution to occur.
And barbarism feared only the revolution.
they did not want the slaves to believe that they could live free even for a day.
It was this faith that they were trying to slaughter.
But a slaughter of ideals does not happen.
He had learned this eons ago.
And Islamization could not change our spirit
Everyone was saying: I was born a Christian, I will die a Christian.
He had experienced that, other times as well.
But our nation did not change even under the toughest violences
However, death was not enough for the barbarians.
They forbade the burial of the victims.
And whoever violated this order was sentenced to death.
This did not prevent the thief from burying along with his own, the decapitated bodies .
Because everyone knew that they were Antigone’s children.
And no one, no matter how powerful they were, could not change the laws of Righteousness.