15809 - July 2014: The commencement of Greek zeolite

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

July 2014 is finally the month and the year of the Greek zeolite.
After a long struggle for the Greek zeolite, we are seeing the first tangible results. The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Changes, gave its approval for the industrial mineral, technical study and research, specifically the zeolite, in an area of 99.161 acres at position “Kokkalo” of Petrota, of the municipality of Orestias, Evros, by the “Olympus A,E”company, in accordance with the provisions of N.669 / 77.
This approval was granted by the order of ΥΠΕΚΑ Deputy Minister Asimakis Papageorgiou , who was informed about the properties and characteristics of zeolite and the potentials of the Greek zeolite, in October 2013 through the context of strategic reserves of Greece.
So thereon, he was aware of all the necessary elements in order to proceed with the zeolite issue .
Now he is the Head of the Department who signed this authorization order.
The most important aspect of this decision is that Greece, officially begins scientific research on zeolite to be followed by its extraction, for which the Greek people have been waiting for years for .
This change of phase will cause a series of economic impact and will certainly trigger new activities in our Thrace.
So, the Greek zeolite will in fact, practically enter our lives,in order to help in the field of agriculture and also that of husbandry, with the improvements and the increased production resulting from its strategic use.

Approval of technical study & research,of industrial mineral (zeolite),
in an area of 99.161 acres in the position “Kokkalo” of Petrota, of the municipality of Orestias, Evros,, by the “Olympus A,E”company.