160 - Mental Model of Altruism

N. Lygeros

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  Fact: Empathy is one of the characteristics of extreme intelligence.

  Thesis: Intelligence is global, unified and protean.

  Corollary: Intelligence observed at the local level seems multiple.

  Chameleon Effect: The protean aspect of intelligence especially when this one is provided with a structure of complex mind enables it to create mental models which simulate the reality of others. By this way, the being approaches so close to others’ nature that this last is persuaded to be facing a similar person. Whereas the situation would be identical with another person who would be different from the first.

  Pygmalion Effect: Effect that the prediction of an event at a person implied in the situation, exerts on the realization of the prediction.

  Other formulation (A. Rosenthal and Jacobson) : The prediction made by an individual A on an individual B ends up being realized, that it is only in the spirit of A, or – by a subtle and sometimes unexpected process – by a modification of the real behavior of B under the pressure of waitings of A.

  Theorem: In promethean intelligence the combination of Chameleon effect and Pygmalion effect generates altruism.

  Proof: Promethean intelligence is the mental realization of a daring humanism which works for the benefit of humanity. Within this framework, the mind is a means of metamorphosing the world against the entropy. Therefore the awakening of the superiority of the group on the set, the cognitive capacity via the Chameleon effect to perceive the intrinsic nature of others and the effective will via the Pygmalion effect to see in others a component of humanity generates via an irreversible process the need for helping others i.e. the concept of altruism q.e.d.

  Corollary (Céline) : Chez les sujets d’élite, plus d’altruisme que d’égoisme.

  Corollary (Schopenhauer) : Universal Compassion is the only guarantee of Morality.

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