16340 - The EEZ as a Strategic peak

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The EEZ is not just an economic zone like the others. The EEZ is the peak of high strategy of a nation which lives for centuries on with the foundations of the sea. So the EEZ, acts under a topostrategic contex that allows an introduction to chronostratigics. For that reason we should not be confined to financial data only, otherwise we would say the same for the sea in relation to trade.
So the commercial fleet is not a national fleet. Only when our own with ethos exist, their actions can have a national impact.
The EEZ has a meaning as a continuation of the foundation of the Greek revolution that has given so much importance to the sea. It is therefore a form of thalassostratigics applied with modern data on the Law of the Sea.
Without this, it would be simply a commercial move, whereas it is a strategic action that radically changes the data not only for our country but for the European Union and the Eastern Mediterranean.
The EEZ, especially that of Hellenism, gives another dimension to the way things evolve in Greece and Cyprus. There is no way therefore at this strategic level for us to accept the existence of occupation which is impeding not only the development, but the substantial recovery of the nation after it passed so many sufferings.
Enough of the miserable approach of the land without the sea. Because the land of Hellenism is the sea and those who haven’t understood this, wonder how it is possible for us to think of something that they assume is a complete utopia.
Simply because they can not see beyond the present, to the future that has begun through the sea and the EEZ of Hellenism.