16451 - The Thracian zeolite

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Now that we finally got into the process of the zeolite advancement we should as quickly as possible promote it as a product in order to receive acknowledgment at an international level. In this context we must deal strategically and rationally with the issue of protected designation of origin. Because this is not regarding an anonymous zeolite, but the zeolite of our Thrace.

The Thracian zeolite should be a name that would change the data at a local level. Because Thrace is a product with many applications in many fields. So the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair is a good opportunity for the promotion of the Thracian zeolite. The TIF is an effective action field, because there are sections that are directly related to agriculture, animal husbandry and industry.

The Thracian zeolite may play an important role in cosmetics, where the added value is significant and creates a substantial differencial for the area. Now that we have in hand the many elements of zeolite applications, where there were significant growth differences recorded that make a difference even for the recovery of Thrace. In this manner we can even change the image of the region, as we have the marble of Paros, we can have the zeolite of Thrace. Thrace can be developed and play a strategic role through the zeolite. Because zeolite is a weapon of freedom of the whole of Thrace. Through the zeolite is has an importance even at a European level at a contact zone. But the important thing is that the zeolite creates a durable relationship with Thrace at the strategic level. And this is the period we start right now.