16476 - Awareness step by step

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

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Awareness on the unacceptable negation of Genocide is being step by step raised in our country. We are not any longer talking exclusively about only one case of genocide, but about all cases of genocide. In fact, the trinity of cases of genocide against the Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians is added in the vocabulary of the people fighting for human rights and rights of Humanity as well. Maybe not everyone conceives the value and significance of this process, but this is the continuation in the framework of the correction process which is based on Lemkin’s work. As time passes by, the Greek people transcend and do not examine their history and the woes which they have undergone solely. Now they practically deal with the cases of genocide of other fellow humans who continue suffering, because they are insulted by the crime of peace committed by those who do not recognize anyone. All fighters for liberty and memory coordinate themselves in a joint effort to make justice prevail in favor of the innocent and victims who cannot defend themselves because they were genocided so as not to exist. Genociders do not want future to exist and fear recognition, because they know too well that it is in this way that Humanity does not forget and starts defending itself so that genocide do not take place again after years. It is thus significant that we all insist on the question of penalizing the negation of cases of genocide. For, it is not only on grounds of legislation that we fight for, but also on grounds of moral and humane dignity. Our role is simple; we must be just, to justify our existence, by protecting the innocent. Thus, this struggle is a way for all of us to take a stand as humans and fellow humans without fearing the genociders and all those who do not respect the victims.