16492 - About perfection

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Evi Charitidou

D: Why is perfection so important, Master?
M: Because it’s an offer.
D: An offer?
M: A perfect work is an offer.
D: To the humans?
M: To Humanity.
D: What’s the difference?
M: The diachronic element.
D: And does perfection bear it?
M: Look at the notion of the circle.
D: It’s spatial.
M: Now look at the notion of polycyclicity.
D: It’s temporal.
M: They function in a diachronic way due to perfection.
D: Whereas they are human inventions.
M: It’s the work that creates the being.
D: Because this is what remains.
M: It holds.
D: Firmly?
M: It’s with the Time.
D: And time is with us.
M: It’s a dual choice.
D: For us?
M: For Humanity.
D: And its future?
M: Our intelligence.
D: With future memory.
M: For continuing the work.