16720 - The Museum of Genocide in Sydney

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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The Museum of Genocide in Sydney is a living example of the duty of each nation by the survivors, in the memory of the victims of a crime against humanity.
It’s museology is well studied in order to support without ever degrading the documentary nature of the whole enterprise.
Because a Genocide Museum is not just a simple museum, in the sense that, it has to prove historical facts which are challenged by extremists who do not accept neither the size nor the existence of the Holocaust.
Therefore each element, each object is framed by a story that gives historicity even in the additive.
Also at a macroscopic level the whole structure of the Museum of Genocide is created in order to bring the human observer in the position of the lives of the victims.
So he is seeing experientially some fundamental elements, and the victims lose their anonymity. We no longer are just talking about victims in an abstract way, but about people with names and history. A calendar for example takes you through the writing, to the existence of the hand that wrote it, so that the notes may remain.
So everyone who makes notes,who is studying an object, can easily imagine what can be left behind out of all that he does, when some system will want to destroy him, not only though crime but by the means of a Genocide. When the genocider does not want any trace of existence remaining.
When barbarism decides to murder even death,so that not be even life would exist.
When crime against humanity does not allow even the unborn to live.
The Museum of Genocide of Sydney also proves that a relatively new country that is still creating even its history, is able to protect the memory of the victims without any complex, because it knows that, that is the proper.
Everyone who sees the museum realizes its value for the history of all humanity and humanism.
Because the crime is against humanity and not just against one nation.
For this reason it is essential that every nation which has suffered a genocide to follow this example due to human dignity.