16997 - Triple EEZ approach

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The triple EEZ approach of Egypt, Greece and Cyprus, which is a common triple point of contact due to their EEZ, is now a reality. Because we are not only just talking anymore regarding the delimitation of the EEZ between Egypt and Cyprus as in 2003. Now there is an enhanced decision between the two sides, which is practically supplemented also by the presence of Greece, that has the second largest EEZ in the Mediterranean which acts as a passage to the European Union.
We comprehend that in the Eastern Mediterranean there is not only the alliance of Greece, Israel and Cyprus, but also the consensus of Cyprus with Lebanon and now the three-point approach.
So if we examine all this data we can at least perceive, if we own a topostrategic thought, that it is regarding a sequence of actions which creates a strategic mix on the backbone of the horizontal temporal strategy, which fights on a chronostrategic level, against the barbarism that is trying to destroy the mental schemes of the Mediterranean sea simply because they don’t serve its purpose.
But it forgets that the sea is located in a European context for centuries and now after 2004, in the context of the European Union, which wants due to energy security, for indigenous energy sources to be developed in its field, so as to dramatically reduce all costs relating to the importation from third countries outside the European Union. Moreover, in this fashion we all now see, that the experts with their phobias are forced to admit that they do not possess knowledge of the EEZ object , because in a non-zero-sum game, the individual strategies which are individualistic, are no longer valid and what functions is collectivity and teamwork which are using other stratagems.