17160 - The History of Ierissos of the Future

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

When you are in a region which forms a junction between Hellenism and Christianity through Aristotle and Mount Athos, you have no right to even be destroyed, because you constitute Greece’s inherited wealth . And the reason is simple. One of the most difficult achievements is to create the past.
So when you have it, the hardest is to maintain it. Ierissos carries the status of historic continuity as a region. Without a pause, the region has been inhabited since antiquity , because never in its history did it bet on monoculture. While many villages which made this strategic error, no longer exist. When furthermore you detect that an action is irreversible in the area, you have no right to try it, since no one will be able to rectify it in the future.
In actual fact Ierissos hasn’t the right to die. It is therefore obliged to seek a humane development strategy that gives prospects not only to its residents but to the entire region.
You can’t be located in the path of the Agion Oros and not utilize it, when you know that the pilgrims consists a population that has spiritual values and seeks a life of quality.
You can’t be in the Aristotle region and not have an Aristotelian studies center to host experts from all around the world.
Ultimately, you can’t be located between two entities which draw global awareness and still wonder how to utilize the fact.
You can’t have a renowned for its crops region and not implement zeolite usage to improve their performance, production and quality while saving water, fertilizer and avoiding heavy pesticides .
When as a location you have the unparalleled advantage to combine Hellenism, Christianity, natural beauty and quality tourism, it is unacceptable to think that you have no future. In fact,before you free the earth of any irreversible intervention, you must free your occupied mind.
When for years and decades they have convinced you that you have no other option, than to be used from a body who makes you addictive to it and causes damage to your land, you are actually convinced that you can’t do anything and in the end you believe it. The difficulty of a battle is what gives value to a nation.
In Ierissos the resistance hasn’t knelt because is of Hellenism and we haven’t learned to bend over in front of conquerors.
The only problem is that resistance, as strong as it may be, if there are no prospects, there will be inevitably saturation. For this reason it is essential for the unparalleled advantage of the region to be utilized.
The cooperatives that promote the traditions and culture of the region through the production of crops, should be strengthened by the application of zeolite especially now that there will be Greek zeolite through Thrace. In this manner what would also help, is the outwardness which gives even more opportunities for growth for Ierissos. And all that occurs, with respect both to people and the environment. So that there is a continuity for the next ones in the area. And when you have an option to have tens of thousands of visitors due to Halkidiki, then you have to realize it and you should create protected designations of origin which promote the local element of specificity both nationally and internationally when you can combine it with the works of Aristotle and the treasures of Mount Athos. Ierissos, due to culture and humanity, can’t die, it is therefore doomed to live and this can be achieved by the combination of resistance and development through human strategy.