17516 - The triple EEZ alliance

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The triple EEZ alliance is prepared, in the context of the stability of the region, located in the triple point of contact, of Greece – Cyprus and Egypt. The powerful standards set by the three countries in the sector of hydrocarbon utilization, is a preparation for radical changes in the Eastern Mediterranean. The whole field is supported by the European context, which seeks, due to energy security, new indigenous energy sources in the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, as it is evidenced by the Resolution of the European Parliament and the direct support of the Cypriot EEZ, when someone tries to question it, it slowly becomes apparent to all who have ears and hear, that the phase change has began.
Consequently, we can see that, there is a dominant strategy from Greece, Cyprus and Egypt that offers no possibility of substantial response to Turkey, as all these are occurring in the context of the International Law and the Law of the Sea. So as much as she may react at a strategic level that hasn’t any high standards, and she claims that she makes serious researches, things are quite simple. The high strategy of Cyprus and Greece in the energy sector through the EEZ , is finally changing the data and at last, we now have a context for multiple initiatives, which are related of course to options we opted for, ten years ago. The EEZ and the European Union, are not only obstacles for Turkey, but also a shield for our defense.
There are also functioning as tools for the liberation of Cyprus. The EEZ, as a foreign policy of countries, which have in total, as Hellenic EEZ, the largest EEZ in the Mediterranean, create new dynamic and durable data, that no longer has any connection with the diplomatic contacts which had forgotten the potentials of Hellenism due to servility. For this reason, Turkey is trying to hold on to old habits and in desperation she makes moves, just so she could say that she does, but not in order to do something substantial.
Also, when we are thinking rationally that the seismic data, as many as they are, they are completely useless, since there are superior ones already purchased by the applicant companies in the second licensing round, it makes no sense to give them any importance since we have condemned as illegal its presence in this area.
Turkey doesn’t have the opportunity of feedback and wants to at least convince its own.
It is therefore important for our own to also understand, that we are no longer in a passive phase and that the presence of the Prime Minister of Greece in Cyprus, is not just a movement but an action, that confirms a collective and coordinated strategy from the three countries to implement a common vision.
Greece, Cyprus and Egypt strengthen their relationships through the sea and the concept of boundary demarcation, which is an foundational element for all of us. The EEZ works with the sea and follows the mental scheme of Hellenism that solves the problems of the land through the strategic of sea. So, the sea strategy simplifies the contacts and creates alliancing relationships unthinkable a few years ago.