17711 - Ideas about chessboard SER

N. Lygeros

In the center there is a topological hole that converts the classic level to that of a torus.
There are in total eight Einstein Rosen bridges structured on the move of the knight to constitute a circuit of degree 8. Each entry square is an exit. Through these only the initial pieces can pass and of course the pieces that came from the promotion of pawns. The pawns pass from these squares as if they are classic. The set up of the pawns is classic we simply have 9 pawns. The set up of the pieces is classic except from the fact that there are two queens or generals. The moves of all the pieces and the pawns are typical as long as they don’t use the bridges. The same applies for the singularities, such as castling and en passant. The radical change derives from the fact that due to the bridges we can simultaneously have different times on the same chessboard. Also the fact that there is a topological hole forms the concept of the front. With this data we can implement mental schemes of topostrategy and chronostrategy through a polycyclic siege.