17714 - Meditation Dialogue

E. Charitidou, N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Disciple: The common vision of Buddha’s, Socrates’s, and Christ’s is freedom?
Master: The liberation for others, they themselves were already free.
Disciple: And the vision of man, is the liberation from the barbaric bonds of any society.
Master: It’s learning through Teaching.
Disciple: And this occurs, by allowing the mind and heart to do what is necessary for the others, till perfection.
Master: It’s correct as a thought.
Disciple: To teach us therefore, how to become liberated?
Master: That’s precisely correct!
Disciple: Or to be taught to liberate ourselves, on our own.
Master: No, in order for you to know how to remain free.
Disciple: So, firstly you show us, what the bonds are.
Master: Always.
Disciple: And later on, what the links are for the continuity of others..
Master: It’s the steps of poly cyclicity.
Disciple: I think I got it, Master.
Master: You’re are correct, Disciple.
Schoolgirl: Thanks to light.
Master: With Humanity and Time.