18134 - The zeolite of Thrace is not a vehicle for politicking

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The zeolite of Thrace is not a vehicle for politicking. And if there are miserable politicians and political party henchman who are trying to delay or stop its utilazation by our country, they will fall flat on their faces.
Because Thrace is in need of the zeolite, in order to change, and for life to obtain serious prospects.
We don’t have a need of “painted” Members who don’t know whether they are coming or going, and are not yet informed in regards to zeolite, because they are too busy trying to maintain good neighbourly relations.
To have serviles at a local level as well does not concern us, since that was the case throughout our history.
It’s just wise to know that they are inadequate to help our country.
Consequently, the excuses they use are always ridiculous, because they are not based on knowledge, but only on politicking intentions, with a background of course of sheer irrelevance.
The zeolite of Thrace is a source of life for all Thracians, and consequently, for all Greeks at a second phase.
It is unacceptable to pay attention to various hustlers, as per the Gospel by Luke, who think that they can adversely affect a national issue.
Because, the zeolite of Thrace is a national issue, as is the EEZ.
And we are glad that the licensing procedures are progressing and that Greek companies are interested in its utilization.
The Region has given its positive stigma and the same applies to the municipalities that are directly associated with the locations of the deposits.
They are those, who produce substantive work, for their own people, but for all Greeks as well.
Let’s now move on to the final stage, in order to finally see the zeolite of Thrace help our people and our country in practice at last.