18292 - The economic credibility

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The economic credibility is one of the most important issues for our country, not just in relation to foreigners, as most people think, but also for ourselves, since it is the only way to sustain a beingness.
The problem of course is that again, most believe that financial problems are solved in an economical way. So we economise on diplomacy and we economise on our strategy, and as a result, we now haven’t a clear vision at national level.
While in actual fact, the economic credibility is not derivable from the economy, but from the energy and the strategy. Because without these two substancial elements, the economy is only a stock exchange market, in other words and plainly speaking, just an air bubble.
Therefore, our country in order to be reliable in our eyes as well, it doesn’t need any financial scams or stock exchange tricks, but energy stratagems.
And in this sector, being just a passage is not sufficient enough, and that is obvious in both practical and historical levels with recent developments.
The difference that makes the difference, is to be a source of energy and then a passage, which connects your reserves with your consumers, especially when we talk about extraversiveness, ie foreign trade and export.
And Greece obtains that element with its Exclusive Economic Zone. Because the whole point of the EEZ is the economic credibility, since we have strategic reserves.
This is the level at which we need to play, if we want to follow the mental schemes of the game theory, rather than wasting time with meaningless and regionalistic complexes.
It is high strategy in the energy level, which offers economic credibility to our homeland.
And at his fundamental junction lies the Greek EEZ. It is its utilazation which will bring credibility to our economy, rather than conservative words.