18353 - The EEZ and the Greek spirit

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

When journalists themselves put across their questions to party leaders regarding the issue of the Greek EEZ, and ask in a direct manner whether they will finally proceed after the elections, the much talked about and highly anticipated demarcations and proclamation, we can understand as per the practical action, how much the Greek people developed regarding the issue, because now, they are not passively sitting around not expecting anything, but on the contrary, they officially claim the sovereign rights of our country.
What other proof is needed by MPs candidates and politicians in general, to understand that, we have moved into another phase, which is at a readiness in regards to the issue of the Greek EEZ?
The proclamation and the demarcations of the EEZ, after the publication of the twenty marine plots, has now become indispensable, if we want to ensure in this licensing round an effectiveness in regards to the number and the quality of applications.
The EEZ has now entered the Greek spirit, and is considered to be an entity that belongs to our values, since it is based fundamentally on the Law and the sea
Political leaders must therefore take a position on this issue, since it will be addressed, whether they want to or not, as a criterion for the elections.
Therefore, if there are political leaders who are actually negative regarding the EEZ issue, we should know who they are, in order to clarify the context, and if there aren’t any, we should prepare for the proclamation, which is always claimed unilaterally, and our demarcations with nations which want to cooperate with us in order to overcome our problems.