18399 - Strategic acts

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

Strategic acts is what we need to achieve the recognition of the genocide, wherever we are in the world, from Greece to Australia through Europe and America. It is not enough to live passively, we need to assert actively. It is not enough to say that we suffer in order to change things; we must struggle to change them.
We can and we have proved it also in the past, as long as we want it. And we want it. Also this year with the one hundred years anniversary of the genocide of the Armenians we have an efficient framework to take on action in a practical sense for the trinity of the genocides, wherever we are on the planet.
The framework is appropriate for alliances to be developed between the victims and to achieve further more recognitions from countries and international institutions. Because everyone will hear in an intense way about the anniversary and there will be no excuses for lack of information.
Furthermore there will also be controversies, since Turkey’s system of propaganda will try to persuade everyone that this genocide never existed and this process will provide us the framework for action of resistance of the memory. All fighters of peace know that we mustn’t accept any lethe. This way each of their effort, will give us the opportunity to provide historical answers that will reinforce all the genocides. For this reason we must all prepare to participate actively in this international mission that we owe to Humanity for the crimes that it has suffered by the societies of oblivion.