18428 - Hellenism is not up for sale

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Listening to some parliamentary candidates, they give us the impression that they believe firmly that Hellenism is up for sale. Certainly, each servile and obsequious one, has the personal right to act like he pleases, but not at the expense of our country, because then, he will have to deal with our tradition, when someone is trying to conquer us without our wish. Stronger than them, who dared to believe it possible and tried to impose it on us, fell flat on their face when they came across our fighting spirit. We will not abandon, our Exclusive Economic Zone, or the zeolite, or our innovations, just because some have no idea of what our strategic objectives are. We lived under barbarocracy for 400 years on, and have not forgotten a thing, despite the torments suffered by us, despite the suffering we endured. And now, here comes every insincere political party supporter to try and convince us of the correctness of their nothingness. Our civilazation is not based on oblivion and lies, but mnemosyne and truth. We love philosophy, but when there is a need we become soldiers like Socrates. We love the theater, but to the conqueror we give a good lesson, as did Aeschylus. Everyone of us has his responsibilities as a Greek. The politicians, on the position they take on political issues such as the EEZ, the citizens, if they are dealing with the substance of such issues and the journalists if they insist on what action should take place regarding those issues. Hellenism consists of us as well, and we must all ask ourselves what do we all do for it. So, we must be resistant to those, who want to forget about it, because it just doesn’t suit their political program and it does not coincide with their aspirations, because, we also derive from Kolokotronis.