18546 - The continuity of the EEZ licensing round

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

When you are able to say that you want to cancel the licensing round of the marine plots of the Greek EEZ, which has started for the twenty marine plots of Greek EEZ, it’s not that you’re a danger for the nation, but simply irresponsible, and that you don’t have an institutional national position. The problem with thοse statements is that they may well be unacceptable, because the one who makes them thinks that he can say what he likes, without being aware, that he is permited to do so, just because that has no consequences whatsoever.
We just have to make it clear, that these political party games are very dangerous for the voters, since they do not know the subject matter and they really believe those words of irrelevance.
The most serious problem though, is the issue of the credibility of our country against foreign companies at an international level, as this licensing round was published in the EU Official gazette, in order to be automatically recognized by all 28 member states.
The interesting thing is, that no country of those concerned, assumed it strange, and suddenly for political party reasons, an effort is made for Greece as a whole to be discredited in this way.
It is actually that licensing round, which allows us to apply practical pressure in order to sign the EEZ demarcation agreements and its actual establishment also.
Therefore, we must realize that the implementation of such statements will delay unbearably the whole program and the process of utilization of the EEZ, but also of course the benefit intake for the Greek nation.
The licensing round must continue, because it is the first time in our history that we evaluated correctly and utilized strategically, the endless blue of our nation.
Because this is what’s proper.