18714 - The emergence of the Greek EEZ

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

The emergence of the value of the Greek EEZ, occurs through the twenty marine plots, and it’s therefore of enormous importance what happens to them, as they abide the geopolitical criteria of consistency, size and midline contact, but also the geo-economic criteria of seismic surveys, of deposits – aims, order, geology and mathematics.
Also, as the twenty marine plots have been issued in the official gazette of the European Union, they are enabling the implementation of the Greek EEZ, otherwise, without them, we would be exclusively in a context of international territorial waters, a factor which rules out utilisation. Additionally, with the marine plots that touch the midline, we can strengthen the context of negotiations of demarkations with Albania, Italy and Libya.
It isn’t therefore the proper, to try to configure such an effective action field, with proposals for changes to the criteria of the texts of the contracts.
The applications already exist, and there are expressed concrete and practical inderests in regards with the purchase of seismic maps, which we have issued through the agreement with the Norwegian company PGS.
Consequently, the commersing of the licensing round on November 13, 2014 is not theoretical, but it already brings benefits to our country through those maps. Additionally, with the signing of the contract, each company or consortium, must pay the amount of the signing bonus, through which Cyprus has received 48 million euros for marine plots 10 and 11 from Total co, and 150 million Euro for 2, 3 and 9 from the consortium ENI – Kogas.