18912 - Greece continues with the large licensing Round

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Greece continues with the large licensing round regarding the 20 marine plots located in the Ionian Sea, under the Southern Peloponnese and south of Crete. Although there were some regressions, we see that the new data follow the continuity in regards to the high strategy of our country. And this is important, since it derives from updates at both scientific and technical levels, which serve as an essential fountation for the development of strategy.
Also, gradually, it becomes understood to all, that the political party context is not enough re such matters, and the EEZ is a prime example.
Consequently, everyone sees the limits of his approach, and begins to think more collectively, so as to have the best results regarding the applications, in order to then obtain durable results in the negotiations, following the reviews from our side to each of the plots, separately.
But we must move on to the stage of dissemination of this information, in order for it to be understood by all involved, in this international game.
Because, the dominant strategy of the player who possess the sea, is activated only if there are enough players.
It is therefore an issue of decision theory, to highlight the fact that we are now clearly in favour of the dynamic continuation of the licensing round, because it is the necessary preparation in this phase of energy data for our country. Nevertheless, for that to occur, one must be aware of the practices of the field in order to be effective.