18942 - The essential stages of communication

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

In the classical field of knowledge, communication is considered fundamental, while neuroscience and mathematics indicate that it is simply basic and inadequate by itself. It is certainly a contact between two individuals,but two people need a form of communication. In other words, the foundation of society is inadequate, whereas the foundation of Humanity is necessary. In this context we can identify the necessary stages for the existence of communication. Therefore we combrehend, that the first level is compatibility, where we can also recognize Wechsler’s provision, through the difference in IQ.
Without compatibility, dialogue remains a double monologue, leading to Camus’s Misunderstanding. Compatibility is required in order to overcome this problem.
Subsequently, in order for a task selection agreement to exist, we need the coordination, which will group our movements in a multifaced manner. Otherwise, a common decision can not result.
The stage of synergy follows, and not only of cooperation, which can not produce any works, since it is limited by the concept of labour. Synergy instead, allows for the production of tasks, which would be impossible by individuals, without an holistic approach.
With this methodology we can actually reach the stage of communication, which is necessary in order to form the action field, and battlefield, for cohabitation, which enables humans to realize that they belong to Humanity and that their relationship is timeless and for that reason, it’s the difference that makes the difference.