18986 - The strategy of the energy and the energy of the strategy

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

When we repeatedly hear about economic data, we are under the impression that the whole world turns around it, and that it’s the essence of life. While the simple image of a person who is holding money but is in the desert, immediately shows the limits of that mental scheme. Though they often say that reality is tough in regards to economic data, they have no idea of what happens when there is no energy and or strategy. And if they experience it, then they view the world in a different manner, where the class approach not only doesn’t make sense, but if it did, it would be just ridiculous. It simply reminds us of defferent era fashion which failed to evolve.
The current data regarding the Greek EEZ relates only indirectly to the issue of the economy. Because, the rational context of the sea is not the economy, but once again, the energy and the strategy. The economy is simply an epiphenomenon, a consequence and nothing else. This should enter the minds of politicians, and especially those who have responsibilities on the subject, otherwise they don’t hold their seat in order to help our country. The Large Licensing round, re: the twenty marine plots, is not a financial detail, but is of great strategic importance due to the energy. So we need to get coordinated and be dymamic, in order to function in the same context. Because, no one is in need of modest results, especially now, during this period. In order for a genuine recovery to occur, and not just the beginning of it, there must be an indepth strategy, that does not stop every so often on typical and partisan political obstacles. We need to distance ourselves from the social misery, so that the human scope could come to surface.
We have many remarkable people who do not know what to do, and the context of the Greek EEZ constitutes a platform for development and innovation.
Energy and strategy are those that produce the future in combination with intelligence and mnemosyne.