19081 - 117 votes for humanity

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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The Armenian nation proved once again, how it’s standing by Humanity.
With 117 votes, Armenia’s National Assembly passed a resolution recognizing the Assyrian genocide and the Genocide of the Pontians. With this act, the innocent of the Armenian genocide became the Just for two other Genocides. They therefore acted pro the victims of the same perpetrator.
They didn’t forget the rest of the data, just because it didn’t concern them directly. They continued the task of Humanity with the recognition of crimes against Humanity. Now it’s not only Cyprus, Greece and Sweden that since 2010 have recognized these Genocides.
In other words, Armenia comes to strengthen our struggle with the validity of the innocent, of the victim, of the survivor and the Just, because it considers that, that is what’s proper for the rights of Humanity.
Therefore, the efforts which are made in America and Australia are supported by yet another country in 2015, coinciding with the anniversary of the100 years since the Armenian Genocide.
Therefore, at the time that the Armenians are thinking of their own victims, they choose also, not to forget the rest of the victims, demonstrating in an effective fashion that the strugle of all of the victims continues in an alliance context and of course it follows the strategy of consolidation of Genocides, in order to make it comprehensive to all that, that is Humanity, which is battling against barbarism. Admirable are the Armenians! Likewise and not otherwise!