19118 - Innovational Paedia

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

We all insist that we are pro Paedia, but we all send our children towards education, from which, in actual fact, we do not expect anything at all. We all want to change things, but by themselves, without our involvement at any point.
But that is not how the homeland of Hellenism is evolving. Or it would not so, if there were not bright minds and benefactors to cooperate, in order to produce lasting works, because it was designed so over time. For this reason the innovation in Paedia does not derive from government and institutional efforts.
Everything occurs, because certain people do their best, so that Hellenism may live on, and it’s in this context that the need of Paedia is created, and especially for our small people.
A tangible example is Chess and Robotics. And the explanation is simple.
As there is no formal matter as yet, we see that we are able to develop new methodologies that not only school directed, but human ones as well. because it is concerning an understanding between people in regards to their thoughts.
Therefore, we see the Kasparov and the Niarchos Foundations, to be practically supporting the whole effort, and to be supporting the innovative actions which would be unthinkable in a conventional context.
This means that the sensitivities which people obtain, together with their efficiency, are sufficient to changed the data, as they follow the path of the Masters, rather than the conventional ways of preoccupation.
The phase change caused by these actions will be also effective in the coming decades.