19246 - Let’s replace the bells on our churches

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

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At a practical level, many of us do not know exactly what to do in the Occupied Territories in order to change things, while in actual fact everything is simple. Whenever barbarism was expressed in our churches, it blinded the Saints in hagiographies and disarmed our bells.
We all know how important this symbol is to our faith, and yet we are still wondering what is the appropriate action in order to resist oblivion.
Wherever there is a bell, we should reinforce it with the rope which activates it and wherever they were removed, every mayor, every municipality, should create a bell and bring it to a church, in order for the Sanctuary to regain its sacred voice.
Only then will our own understand, wherever they might be, that we have not forgotten and that we do not accept this situation.
And if some believe that the absence of the word war ensures the handling of defeat, then they are wrong.
Only resistance and counterattack make sense, when we really want to liberate the Occupied Territories of the yoke of barbarism.
With the bells on our churches, we give the example of the Church, which doesn’t expect others to protect our own.
There are many people looking for an idea to help them build up their action.
These ideas exist and are accessible, as long as they are supported by the will to carry them out, through their construction and implementation on our land.