19342 - Armenity as a representative of Humanity

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

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If the one hundred years anniversary of genocide of the Armenia is so important it isn’t because of a local confrontation, as the Turkish body wants to present it. The Genocide of the Armenians doesn’t only concern the Armenians, not due to the existence of the trinity of the Genocides, but because the Armenity at the time of the Genocide operated as a representative of Humanity. For this reason the Genocide is a crime against Humanity and not only against Armenian. If the Genocide of the Armenians touches us, it is due to the fact that we belong to Humanity. Because it is this which the genocider struck when he tried to annihilate all the Armenians and the Armenity through the destruction of the civilization. Armenity could have given in and to have disappeared but it resisted and as a representative of Humanity, it began the struggle for the recognition of the Genocide in the whole world, so that an overall pressure is exercised on the genocider who continues to deny its crime after so many decades. In essence the Armenity shows also the path of this crusade for the Just and the innocents who never abandoned this struggle for the Rights of Humanity. It’s not a matter of a detail, the issue of Genocide, but of the most tough confrontation that Humanity lives with barbarity, the memory with oblivion, the substance with authority.