19343 - The necessary seriousness of the fighters

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

Professionalism is necessary in the struggle for the recognition of the Genocide, not of course for the salary, because fighters are not mercenaries but for the style and the seriousness. Because the continuers of the genociders, those that still deny as well the existence of the Genocide use immense financial means to confront us. This way it has nothing to do with a conflict between historians, as Turkey would want it, but a battle on a strategic level, where any mistake has a great cost since everything is at stake. Barbarity uses solely the rhetoric, because there isn’t a historical background that can provide a foundation to its position thus only the maieutic with its strategy is capable of resisting and winning, because it knows how to manage and avoid the strikes of that insidious weapon. For this reason the solemnity of our whole approach mustn’t have any weakness at any point of argument. Consequently every source must be examined and cross referenced. Every reference to arrangements and agreements must be done with specific articles within the context of the entire text. The issues of the Genocide are not simple and we must be careful. Now that we are gaining more and more ground in this area we must think within the concept of accumulation, so that we are not dragged backwards by the moves of the institutions that deny the Genocides.