19417 - Letter of the President of Russia and Genocide of the Armenia

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

With the letter that the President of Russia wrote on April 22nd 2015, he clarifies that the atrocities of 1915 are indeed genocide. He doesn’t use any other diplomatic word and writes literally “Геноцидом армянского” in his sentence. So, it is not a random choice or some error. And he refers particularly to the victims of this tragedy (“трагедии”) without a doubt. It explains that the view of Russia (“Позиция России”) remained objective (“объективной”) with regards to the absence of an argument for ethnic group elimination. Actually he believes that the national community has a duty to do everything possible to avoid the repetition of such crimes. Moreover he anticipates from the Armenians of the new generation, but also from other ethnic groups from the region, to live in peace and in agreement («мире и согласии»). Finally, the last sentence is indicative, since he wishes peace and prosperity («мира и благополучия») to Armenia and to the Armenians that live in Russia, which practically means that he doesn’t reach out only to a non bordering country, but it is beside Georgia, but also to the Armenians of his country. Because there exist, and are not an insignificant amount. So the message touches that population as well. But the strongest element remains the use of the word Genocide, which demonstrates that Russia recognizes what the exact issue of concern is and it cannot be affected by the propaganda.