19883 - The momentum of the recognition

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi

The momentum of the recognition of the Genocide of the Armenians due to the anniversary of the 100 years, is more powerful than some may think. Belgium provides us with a tangible paradigm. The ethics committee, ethics and arbitration of the political party CDH decided to expel from the party an MP that didn’t want to recognize the genocide. For a long time she was playing diplomatically with fire. But with the current occasion of the centennial she couldn’t hide that she was for barbarity due to her origin. Therefore a simple issue of the centennial caused the assembly of the political party’s committee. Even more interesting is that this decision puts pressure on the other large political party of Belgium which has not yet taken a clear position for the stance that its members should have. But we see that the momentum of the recognition allows the effective counterattack against barbarity, but also against the continuers of the genocide of memory. Now there is political cost when one is expressed openly in favor of barbarity. And this constitutes a change of phase for the political circumstances but also the political parties. It is interesting to imagine the consequences on other countries of the European Union but also to Greece itself, where party politics cover up with great ease tendencies in favor of the denial of the genocide under the pretext of the artificial friendship that led us nowhere for so many decades, because you simply cannot erase the centuries of history without committing another genocide. The paradigm of Belgium is wise and just. We could best say that they acted, as Hellenism would do, who loves so much freedom and Justice.