20004 - Aphrodite Reserve and Cypriot victory

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Athena Kehagias

Since 2011, with the beginning of the drilling on the Aphrodite reserve, at marine plot 12 of the Cypriot EEZ, we have heard all scenarios from various experts in the field with conflicting interpretations.
We heard that there wasn’t, that there was, but it was not sufficient, that it was less than expected, that its utilization would be pointless, that it was not a strategic reserve, that was not sufficient in itself …
Finally now it has been proved to be marketable, as we were saying from the beginning, thanks to people like Konafagos in Kasinis and Foscolos.
Therefore, everything all of them were saying in order to reduce the success of Cyprus, which they didn’t want to be believed neither by the Cypriot, nor the Helladic people, collapsed.
It was bothering everyone and especially the serviles, the fact that we insisted, that the Aphrodite reserve itself, regardless of the discoveries of subsequent deposits, alters the data through the EEZ.
They tried to convince us that there are problems and they will now be forced to accept that there is a solution and that the dynamics of the EEZ have a catalytic effect on the developments of the Cypriot matter.
Therefore, after all these years of rumors and propaganda against the Cypriot EEZ and its hydrocarbons, everyone sees the truth.
And it is simple.
There was no lie, there was no exaggeration.
The Aphrodite reserve is indeed a strategic deposit as a natural gas field.
With the proof of marketability, after four years, all those who were bothering the Greeks in order to pass through the message, that there are no prospects in the hydrocarbons sector for Cyprus, as they are still insisting in the case of Greece, will finally shut up.
Nevertheless, the truth overcomes both oblivion and indifference, without stopping at the obstacles set by the serviles.